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Sparkroam is your passport to 4G and 5G mobile data around the world, on all of your devices, with one eSIM plan.

Is your phone Compatible

Sparkroam is a cutting-edge wireless service provider that offers immediate, on-demand mobile data plans. You can easily activate any of our plans using your phone's onboard eSIM chip, in addition to your current phone plan.
  • iPhone XR and later
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 and later
  • Google Pixel
  • iPad Pro
  • Many more

Sparkroam eSIM

Fast data

For your Apps

Experience high-speed 4G and 5G global data while indulging in your favorite music, movies, and games, and remain in touch with your loved ones and work from anywhere with the convenience of Sparkroam eSIM.

         and much more

How does it work ?

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All plans include FREE eSIM and money back Guarantee